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01 October 2011

My Dream Come True ?

Wishing lists.
-Celebrate CNY wit bf
-BUy Coach Wristlet
-Go Oversea Trip
-BUy Own Desktop
-phone X10
-Recieve FLower from bf

ALL this above , He made it come true :P

But went i recieve the flower 2nd times i told him not to buy again cause for me
it a waste of $$$ to buy tat cause at last the flower die need to throw away :P

18more days is our 1yr anniversary , we decide to eat sea food buffet (i treat) cause
I Really DK wat to buy for him... i do ask him wat he want , but his reply is :"i jus wan u to be heathly"
how sweet is him , right :)

Cant wait for sea food buffet hahahah.....

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1:47 PM

06 August 2010

this few weeks , i been mood swings all along....try to find back my smile 

yet have been gone , hardly can find back :(

waitin for the comin wed , wanna go drink ...



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10:50 PM

19 July 2010

Happiness always has been short , which will not last long for mie ....

alots of different lie u guys gave to mie, empty promises.....

y..... or really is tat all the problem is on mie , yet until now i still cant find out 

wat the problem...

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8:43 AM

16 June 2010

Morning 8pm i wake up and pick up my phone c got ahbi msg ( as i always did

when i wake up the 1st thing i do)

i recieve ahbi msg at 5am say tat he will reach my house

voiddeck at 9am wanna take breadfast

wit me yet send mie to wrk ( he didn zzz the whole day due to he went cycler wit his

friend from 1am plus till 5somethin... yes they crazy lol...)

So today i have to wake up 8am instead of 9.30pm , mmm nvm la it sweets:P

but will this last long or jus for a while ?

MMm... don think much :P

k tomolo goin meet ahbi early at 8am bedok inter havin breadfast tgt agian

and finish go NTUC shop :P , went his house stay whole day ( got to use is lappy  watch

pps ass he downlaod for mie jus now so tomolo i can use :P) nite time stay his house for

dinner as his mummy cook ( Woo....eatin wit his family :P ZZzzz )

gtg zzzzzzz soon , as my hair goin dye

UPdate soon.

( sry about my rubbish blog :P )

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11:15 PM

14 June 2010

today after wrk bi come fetch mie , walk to iluma to buy movie ticket "karate kid" at

9.20pm.... havin our dinner at sakae sushi (spellin error)....(eat till bao bao :P)

yet recieve eveline call askin where am i , so i ask her n dan to watch movie wit i n bi but

different sit ....after the movie end about 11.50pm , we take cab hm DUE TO AHBI NOT 


this wat he send mie in msg :

ahbi : i hope you are happy to be wit mie :) 

Mie : bi i reach hm liao , now go bathe

ahbi : bathe le msg mie 

Mie : bi bathe  hao liao 

Ahbi : ya ... HaHA. Baby. I hope you cherish this relationship alots k

Mie : i do cherish every rs :P

ahbi : 我要你好好的爱我。


love me like you nv love anyone so much before 

mie : lol... but i cherish every bf the same :P

ahbi : jus cherish me more pls 

mie : yayaya..... cycle be careful

ahbi : :( i am serious

mie : ok

ahbi : :( like bluff mie sia.

mie : don emo la...

ahbi : I wan to treat you well then you dun wan cherish

           this rs more :( nvm...

Mie : bi don worry ... ok

ahbi : :( i feel so unimportant to you. i thought i was special to you.

mie : ok la... i do cherish .... hope you don disappoint mie.

ahbi : ya lor. you cherish me but same as other rs ma... sry i no mood now ..

mie : bi i do cherish u alots ... but not like past...and promise mie don disappoint mie...

i scare n tired about my past...

ahbi : ok i promise  K ! I can feel tat you will be a great gf 

mie : ok . i go slp now nite bi.

ahbi : ok gd nite slp tight n sweet dreams. Love you

end conversation :P

nite nite.......

tomolo got to wrk :(

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1:04 AM

this cost mie ex of money, if ahbi know the price he will kill mie :P

this month goin eat grass now +.+

hope he cherish wat he have now , don make mie disappointed.

as he Promise mie .. Muack :-x

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12:35 AM

25 May 2010

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12:57 AM