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20 May 2009

tomolo i will be goin search for job,make myslef busy wrkin n study :)
jia you jia you jia you....i wanna earn money so can pay hp bill myself,
go out don need ask for parent...:)i wanna re-start everythin,n learn all
over again...:)

today, my dear M....told me she in love wit a guy alots,think,miss him alots...
wat we chat about i will not write here...but dear M...i know u will read my blog
when u free...dear M....if you love him...you both patch back liao so do treasure
him....but if only 1person give-in and give-out it will be very tired...so think
before u do anythin...i will support you...but if have anythin problem,i be ur
listen ear:P

k stop here...cause i oso feel fan...
update later...

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