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26 November 2009

today so tired wake up early for bein darlin model ,after down to funan Mac n eat
out lunch ( darlin treat mie ) ...about 12somethin we take mrt ,darlin back to wrk ,i back hm.
finish update i will be doin some manicure myself on my fingers and after tat go bathe yet slp early today...

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3:32 pm

25 November 2009

23 NOv :

Wake up at 7.30am , prepare myself down to cityhall at 9am...
sista have been late for 30mins lor,humps... nvm forget ....after
finish her bunnin exam , down to bugis havin dinner,n take neoprint
wit her (first time take pic wit her :P)

o ya thanks for ur orange juice treat :P

this wat i bought on bugis ...

25 Nov

wake up at 9.30am , mummy buy breadfast for mie...
around 11something, down to tampines mall witt mummy cause she
wan to pay bills...we down to tampines mall shoppin, below pic is wat i buy :P

yesh u must be askin mie i buy is 4 wat :P i wan to make juice (drinks)
for myslef n my darling to drink :P

blue shirt- For my bro (sometime i maybe wearin too,i love big tee)

(sticker for-my lappy :P)

(finish pastin :P)

(pinky pinky pinky) MMm...all pink colours :P I LOVE PINK...

1st first did this hahah, so ugly i know so i got to REDO again so wait for i got $$$
will down to china town n buy my blling blinng agian :P

k stop here...

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7:17 pm

18 November 2009

Pocky pOcky Pocky .... ThankxXx jason buy for mie my fav strawbeery pocky :P

tomolo will be goin eat dinner with anthony n my darlin...but i will be acc him to wash his
beautiful :''Ma sai Di...''but i will be sittin at a side playin my own psp :P
around 8somethin go fetch darlin after her wrk :P

C YA guy tomolo ...i Wanna MY :''TOY PooDle''

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6:25 pm

17 November 2009

Meet anthony at 6pm, fetch mie and my darlin after down ahead
to marina parade"delifrance"have our dinner (cause i n darlin are hungry) ...

down ahead to marina square watch movie:

comment for this show:''hmmm not bad la,at first borin but at the back i scare like hell
don dare to watch :P'' i "dan xiao" ok ......the show it from 9somethin to 10:45pm,after that
i feel like eatin somethin so down to east coast mac : 2 have my free 2 apple pie ,1 for anthony la.
cause i win mac monoploy game''apple pie'':P

Send Darlin home, reach my near by house wait for jason download psp games for mie, endup
he need up mie update my psp ,so he lend mie his psp home n play :P

reach home around 12somethin,wash my face ly on my bed explore his psp game after awhile
i went zzzzzzzzz....

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1:18 pm

12 November 2009


i wan watch movie too...the show of :''2012'' start , maybe go watch wit darlin when her
nx comin monday off day :P or sat /sun nite ....

no money , rot at home....
bye i go zzz liao :P

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12:53 am

08 November 2009

hi, Mornin everybody....

Wake up at 11somethin, thought of sleepin awhile more but than my stomach
killin mie pain so i have to go toilet...kekek
i am sick = coughin and flu... Zzzzzzzz...
waiitiin for my buy breadkfast for mie "lor mai gai'' and ''black coffee w/o sugar''

kk ....update nxt
bye bye :P

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11:34 am

06 November 2009

Ytd went for "Ba Ku Teh" dinner wit anthony, jia jun,ah yo and anthony friends...
had my dinner at 11somethin,gosh sound most like havin supper lor
but the "Ba Ku Teh"i feel expensive lor,hmmm...but nv la *久久一次 it ok de...

i goin no money liao , try to find a job...$$$$ wee..........

now waitin for kor kor to book out , so tat i,mummi and kor start prepare and plan
about our blog shop things....


i goin to watch my "终级三国"
i know my blog was like bloggin shit...

but this my blog,i love post wat is my problem ...
hahah...bye bye...

(should i change my blog link ?)

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9:42 pm

04 November 2009

Finally,tomorrow night will be going out having dinner with anthony,ahyo n his friend..
can kill my borness at hm....kekekek...wee...
anthony end school will be going back home at katong and prepare things for the ''car wash''.
after that come my house fetch mie , than acc him to the near by car park wash
his :''Ma Si Di'' opps :x

Finish washin, around 8somethin down ahead to tampines blk201 to fetch my darlin after her
work. than...than...than....it DINNer time at the near byy vivo there,to have our :''BA KU TAE''
ok gtg bb...

last tuesday went bedok inter (KTV) with ahyo....
around 9somethin ah an came find us....
7pm to 11/12somethin SINg sang...
spent about $47plus...included 3cans drinks....

WEe..ah Tan....
:P snap shot be mie


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8:40 pm