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20 June 2009

Hi readers,

hmm...did anyone been readin my blog?
hais...this few days many things happen. i lost my job cause
of some reason,i been firer...

-james operation wanna to acc him to the hostipal but he told me his gf goin
so i nv go ...but end up i hear his bro say her gf nv go acc him...O.o
-afternoon decide buy a dress so i bring along my cousin go....
-nite went to victor 21bdat,with kimage friends n my little cousin was bring along..

-wake up around 11something
-afternoon on lappy watch show...
-wait for darlin come my house eat...(mum cook darlin de dinner:P)
-nite 7somethin - 9pm help mummy at uncle coffee shop.
after tat daddy send me to tampines mall,when acc my friend for 1hr again :P
around 12something reach hm :P

-mornin when tampines mall acc mum to pay bill...after tat when facial at
tampines blk8oo???

To Be Conti...

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1:11 am

16 June 2009

today after meet jayvier at 1somethin at my
house nearby de bus-stop...take 65 to orchard,
watchin movie ''lost of land''erm....this show quite
lame...but not really tat bad la...every ppl diffirent
taste... :P

after tat went his place, he play computer yet i was
watchin show wit his mummy n kor kor :) plus
havin dinner ...(love the curry fish tat his mum cook)

around 11somethin reach hm....

8am goin to wakke up yet 9am goin down to sengkang
acc james...cause tomolo his goin to op...hope everythin
will be alright ....after op his not goin sms soon,cause got to
rest more...so i jus have to wait his bro jian ting to contact me

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12:22 am

12 June 2009

this few days ...i went to acc my ex....cause 17june he went to op...
:( sad at i cant acc him go...althought i really wish to cause he gf is goin...

ytd after my math class i was takin cab down to his house n oso
take back ...reach hm around 1pm..wat i feel i alread say to him,before
his op i really told him my feelin....

over is over....after ur op everythin ok...i will disappear automa....

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1:24 pm

10 June 2009

every bad things come tgt... i have no mood to update ....
i will post new blog when everything it over....

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6:13 pm

05 June 2009

A BAD NEWs ... HEAR someone say J...got cancle.... :'(
i hope it not the true...PLS PLS PLS ...don take way my shen bian
de ren... :(

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10:36 pm

03 June 2009

see my face ...today i go make curl my hair usin the curlin dong...
see wat hhappen :( SOB SOB sob...


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11:28 pm

02 June 2009

I"M TIREd :(
hi reader...

sry this few days busy wrkin ....
yet i decide finish study my math n eng nite sch this year,i not goin contiu...
but i goin attend mandicure&pedicure n facial course on my free days/time....
so i think i will bbe damn busy n tired....

but i free i will update my blog...

(happy to c u readers left msg on my chat box ...but wit UR name)

got to slp ....
TO be contiu....

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10:49 pm