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01 October 2011

My Dream Come True ?

Wishing lists.
-Celebrate CNY wit bf
-BUy Coach Wristlet
-Go Oversea Trip
-BUy Own Desktop
-phone X10
-Recieve FLower from bf

ALL this above , He made it come true :P

But went i recieve the flower 2nd times i told him not to buy again cause for me
it a waste of $$$ to buy tat cause at last the flower die need to throw away :P

18more days is our 1yr anniversary , we decide to eat sea food buffet (i treat) cause
I Really DK wat to buy for him... i do ask him wat he want , but his reply is :"i jus wan u to be heathly"
how sweet is him , right :)

Cant wait for sea food buffet hahahah.....

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