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26 January 2010

shit wrk wrk wrk this thursday is my last of my off .... after tat goin to chong
for wrk ... N I KEEP PUTTIN ON WEIGHTS ...Eee..........

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9:33 PM

21 January 2010

Cook by myself....(porridge)
when i borin i will went to the kitchen n cook or bake things:P

today is my off day , n stay at home whole day, thought off go joggin but tomolo
i need to reach outlet at 9.30am sharp so i decide stay at home not to go out :P
hope tomolo will not be late, plus i hope tomolo i can perm my hair :P
change hairstyle before NEW YEAR DAY COME n dye my hair,cut my fringe to
bangs too :P
i will smap my new hairstyle when it done ..

xiao zhu got new album :'' i wanna buy'' (not yet out i think) heheheh....
ok i got to help daddy do some document...


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5:37 PM

14 January 2010

todat finally is my off day after tat 10days of wrk, althought is tired but i enjoy
wrkin days :P ... JIA YOU, For myself :P wrk hard earn more money ...

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4:09 PM

05 January 2010

Ya.... my pinky n Hello Kitty thing i bought ,i wanna continue buy more n more :P
nx i wanna more pinky things :P

ok ....ytd after wrk rush down st8 to tampines 1 , waitin for darlin buy birthday cake
for Ai-wen.take bus 8 to ai-wen house n ah jack went to , eat cake n eat some titbit till
1.30am go hm...

About wrk , this week i Have No off day , gosh i goin to be tried....friday nite goin have
SEAFood dinner YAPpie :P wit anthony , darlin , ivan and ah jack :P Weweee......

k i goin watch some show ...tomolo goin wake up early n wrk again.....

( sry tat i nv post properly Cause i Really Tried )

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11:19 PM

04 January 2010

ada will be busy startin from now on , so will not bloggin offen...
if i free or not tat tired after wrk ,maybe i will update abit....

k gtg watch my 下一站幸福 第14集 :P than finish fast fast , go zzzzzzzz...
TOmorrow gtg WRk :P

jia you jia you, Nv give up :P

下一站幸福 第14集 Sob Sob.....
SO touchin ....

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12:58 AM

01 January 2010

Welcome To "2010"
Ytd, went out with anthony,yongbin and darlin .
HERE some photo of sprakin (spellin error)
AT East Coast beach :P

Some Short VIdeo.. (ps:of my noise sound in the video)
i GOt abit Crazy tat night :P

reach home by 2am-3am in the mornin, end up after bathe , online play
"THE sim3" while waitin for bro buy MAcdonald BIg Breadfast for mie.
(cause i hungry) .... around 2somethin in the afternoon than zZZ till 5somethin
wake up and have my dinner :P

Now feel tired too ,GOin zzz early tonight :P

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6:34 PM