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19 May 2009

someone do make mie laugh when i chattin wit him always...
my feelin come back...i know his in navy will be busy...
so i nv call or msg him scare of disturbin him....

ytd we do chat on phone at midnight...i really enjoy chattin on phone
wit him..he entertain mie alots :) i cant rmb wat topic we chat until 3words
came out from his mouth"cause i love u"....mmm....this words make me feel
nothin.....i don take it really,cause ytd we chat chat,laugh,laugh...i don know
it true ma....

2.30am....he ask me go slp,n told me tat tomolo/or after 3days (mean today)
he will cal me..but i didn recieve cal from him today...mmm...nvm....i know he
will be beri busy in navy...i suddenly miss him...hahahah:P

he say guy busy is gd,better than free free so free...YAp...i agree..
waitin for him cal me chat chat...

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