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07 May 2009

sry reADers...
lazy to blog in details now. So I shall summarize. hehehe...


-mornin ate mee fen dang / black coffee without sugar
-after tat online till nite ...
-online seachin for show...(drama...hongkong&taiwan)
-nite helped dad washed car wit ah ver ...but not yet finished washin because weather dark
cant see properly...
-back hm rest awhile than bath
-dad went down bought coffee drink yet ask him bought mine ice coffee too...
-stupig gal drink liao cant fell aslp ...until 3something than fell aslp (siao sha bo...crazy/mad)


-mornin eat porridge / black coffee without sugar
-after tat online again
-awhile ah di back buy pocket (strawberry fav..) i eat ...
-mummy go buy dinner for us ...
-5pm eat dinner...
since like too early eat ...ya...cause my digest damn slow
-my dinner have ''dou ya , chicken & ku gua....''

i have finish plan my own shedule....but i didnt follow....hehehe
1st example: instead of wake up @ 10am , i wake up at 11somethin or 1pm
(see my mummy wat time go down buy breadfast)
2nd:instead of 11pm slp or the latest is 1 am but i slp at 2somethin or 3somethin...
(hais....Panda Eyes)
Tomolo shedule is 10am wake go runnin ....but i think......hehehhe.... i will be pig ba...
hahahah...slp slp slp...

Slimin in PROGRESS...
-no tibits/snacks/dressert
-no macdonald/KCF =FAST-FOOD
-no FRIED food / no oily foods
-no isotonic Drinks / sweets drinks
-no more mee-pork
-no eggs

!!!WAt i will B EAt/drink!!!
-my favourite Orange juice (sometime)
-MOre plain WAter
-Less rice / Porrige
-more vegetable (i love vegetable alots)
-more golden mushroom pls... ( love it alots)

i think tat all....i will think still got wat to add in...update next-time :)
k that all ....stop here...
MOTHER DAY's comin ....to all mummy stay pretty,healthy
& young always

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