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20 June 2009

Hi readers,

hmm...did anyone been readin my blog?
hais...this few days many things happen. i lost my job cause
of some reason,i been firer...

-james operation wanna to acc him to the hostipal but he told me his gf goin
so i nv go ...but end up i hear his bro say her gf nv go acc him...O.o
-afternoon decide buy a dress so i bring along my cousin go....
-nite went to victor 21bdat,with kimage friends n my little cousin was bring along..

-wake up around 11something
-afternoon on lappy watch show...
-wait for darlin come my house eat...(mum cook darlin de dinner:P)
-nite 7somethin - 9pm help mummy at uncle coffee shop.
after tat daddy send me to tampines mall,when acc my friend for 1hr again :P
around 12something reach hm :P

-mornin when tampines mall acc mum to pay bill...after tat when facial at
tampines blk8oo???

To Be Conti...

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