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16 June 2009

today after meet jayvier at 1somethin at my
house nearby de bus-stop...take 65 to orchard,
watchin movie ''lost of land''erm....this show quite
lame...but not really tat bad la...every ppl diffirent
taste... :P

after tat went his place, he play computer yet i was
watchin show wit his mummy n kor kor :) plus
havin dinner ...(love the curry fish tat his mum cook)

around 11somethin reach hm....

8am goin to wakke up yet 9am goin down to sengkang
acc james...cause tomolo his goin to op...hope everythin
will be alright ....after op his not goin sms soon,cause got to
rest more...so i jus have to wait his bro jian ting to contact me

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