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24 August 2009

(My Dream Bedroom )

This few day , i have been stayin at hm whole day usin my lappy ...jus tat
last friday at hm waitin for darlin to come over my house after tat meet anthony
n his friend at suntec to have our movies "where got ghost" my rate for the show is
4/10....maybe u all like it but for mie ...borin lor...finish movie ,we ahead to bugis
find yong bin at Lasalle Collage than went eat around 11somethin reach hm...

Today, i will be havin english nite class yet my hmwork not yet done :P i will do it
later ...kekeke.....O ya ... Tomolo i will be goin out wit alvin meet 3pm my house
downstair ...than we will ahead to bugis temple "Bai Bai"than down to Plaza.Sing
watch 7pm de movie"Orphan',go havin dinner if till got time last the way back hm..

The Rest of the Days... i think i will be continue ROT...at hm...hahaha....
Findin a days down to china town continue my handcraft after tat when library find
my handcraft book ....


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