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25 November 2009

23 NOv :

Wake up at 7.30am , prepare myself down to cityhall at 9am...
sista have been late for 30mins lor,humps... nvm forget ....after
finish her bunnin exam , down to bugis havin dinner,n take neoprint
wit her (first time take pic wit her :P)

o ya thanks for ur orange juice treat :P

this wat i bought on bugis ...

25 Nov

wake up at 9.30am , mummy buy breadfast for mie...
around 11something, down to tampines mall witt mummy cause she
wan to pay bills...we down to tampines mall shoppin, below pic is wat i buy :P

yesh u must be askin mie i buy is 4 wat :P i wan to make juice (drinks)
for myslef n my darling to drink :P

blue shirt- For my bro (sometime i maybe wearin too,i love big tee)

(sticker for-my lappy :P)

(finish pastin :P)

(pinky pinky pinky) MMm...all pink colours :P I LOVE PINK...

1st first did this hahah, so ugly i know so i got to REDO again so wait for i got $$$
will down to china town n buy my blling blinng agian :P

k stop here...

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