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17 November 2009

Meet anthony at 6pm, fetch mie and my darlin after down ahead
to marina parade"delifrance"have our dinner (cause i n darlin are hungry) ...

down ahead to marina square watch movie:

comment for this show:''hmmm not bad la,at first borin but at the back i scare like hell
don dare to watch :P'' i "dan xiao" ok ......the show it from 9somethin to 10:45pm,after that
i feel like eatin somethin so down to east coast mac : 2 have my free 2 apple pie ,1 for anthony la.
cause i win mac monoploy game''apple pie'':P

Send Darlin home, reach my near by house wait for jason download psp games for mie, endup
he need up mie update my psp ,so he lend mie his psp home n play :P

reach home around 12somethin,wash my face ly on my bed explore his psp game after awhile
i went zzzzzzzzz....

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