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25 December 2009

REading someone Old blog,
N i found this:

(kindly edit some spelling error:P)

haiz...cant sleep...
Well..actually i was kinda like thinking the past..
A past that i don wish to think again,
but still...i cant forget the feelings..
the way i hold your little warm hands , the feeling that i hug u...
Every little thing we done together...ERm...
hahs...weird huh saying this kinda of thing out for no where...
But , well you are the 1st gal i love in my whole life anyway,
when we were in Primary school till now , i guess tat l'm the most stupid guy in this world bah...hahas...:) well...i don blame u for wad u done to me last time...i know u hav a reason de.. so don feel so bad about your self ^_^...well..if a guy really love a girl , he can only respect wad she choose and help her whenever she need helps...
well..this is wad i think :) right lar...hahas..
well! jas wan to wish u the best.in your future.. ^_^

friends and my Brothers and my Close Gan mei meis...
i know tat u all care for me yet i know everytime
when i have chance when i can jas have a much better girlfriend
who more nice looking , more caring me gal ,but yet i always use the same words and reason
jus to reject the gal ...i will say:''i wan to be single , hav more freedom!
Well as i know tat i'm jus trying to run away becoz the fact i still like her..
well...don need to be worry anymore lar....lm ok de ^^
who do u all thing i am! hahas...i will find a very nice girlfriend from now on lar..
wont wait for her anymore liao lar...=] so..don need to worry about me liao.. =]
and last but not least thx alot brothers! ^^
thx alot ah meis!! =]
and really wish u all a Happy Chinese New Year! ^_^

above all this msg is sayin about mie , yap i had alots of bad past memory but not really all are :P
THe past total up together i learn more n more things....
years n years pastin ,growin n growin ,next year 2010 i'm age of 20 in april of 24 ...SO FAST.

GEttin STress n Stress no wrk no money ...yet my education is worst hard to find job tat

Now, jus thinkin of getting a suitable jobs plus thinking of keep continue studying (Nursin,bankin/finance or account) hmm.... but have the improve my english yet think of study
science :P...........before thinkin of this FIND JOB FIRST cause all needs $$$...

PS:ALots of words :P

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