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26 December 2009

Merry Christmas...Althought the time now is at 2.21am...Hahahah:P
Meet Anthony and Darlin for dinner at east coast :"SEAFOOD TIME"
8.30pm he came fetch me down ahead fetch Darlin,finish dinner ,when to the
beach n slack...around 1something reach hm :P

today recieve pocky from ahyo wrk friend...THanks :P

Recieve gift from Anthony :P

Centre CD is for darlin but i lend from her i wanna watch first :P

YEsh IT L.V from Anthony Chirstmas Gift, Thanks alots :P
(N ahyo REcieve "Chanel WAllet too" she damn happy lor ) Mie TOo...

Guardian Wet tissue,peach sweet n fruit lip.......
FOR myself....Hahahah.......

kk i wanna watch show liao Bb :P

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