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05 January 2010

Ya.... my pinky n Hello Kitty thing i bought ,i wanna continue buy more n more :P
nx i wanna more pinky things :P

ok ....ytd after wrk rush down st8 to tampines 1 , waitin for darlin buy birthday cake
for Ai-wen.take bus 8 to ai-wen house n ah jack went to , eat cake n eat some titbit till
1.30am go hm...

About wrk , this week i Have No off day , gosh i goin to be tried....friday nite goin have
SEAFood dinner YAPpie :P wit anthony , darlin , ivan and ah jack :P Weweee......

k i goin watch some show ...tomolo goin wake up early n wrk again.....

( sry tat i nv post properly Cause i Really Tried )

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